Only Peace-Home

Take time to settle into settle into the person you’d like to become…
Inner peace as you now know it now may be as small as a pebble or as fixed as a stone 

yet moveable; yearning to be free …
As you settle in, peace grows…
Nature’s freedom lies waiting to bloom from within… peace will present herself, transforming into a beauty that both you and the world has long awaited…


The Main Point

Ever heard a word, a song… or perhaps experienced a sight or smell, or sound that somehow transports you to another place in time or space? When this happens to me I like to jot them down – most times I have a small notebook and a pencil, or if not I use my cellphone to save a “draft” of my immediate thought or experience. Then, later, I return to that thought and expand on it, if only a few words.

However, there are times when I just can’t seem to get moving. I get stuck… and getting lost within myself can sometimes be a scary place, I don’t want to be stuck there too long, haha.

Life happens, often moving so swiftly that before we know it, an hour, the day, even weeks into years pass by. Whether we are happy and content or perhaps not so much so, sometimes all one needs is a “heads up”, a little “nudge” to get us started on are way.

We are in this together…

Things to Ponder:    Anytime, Anyplace

Here, posts will include peaceful, tranquil, sights and sounds. Here, you will have a place to share your blessings, your good will, your achievements and accomplishments!
Let the world share in your happiness.

Things to Ponder: In Lean Times

We are human- we are not always: infallible, efficacious, flawless, strong, perfect, energetic, foolproof, efficacious. Yet, we are enough – You are enough.

Sometimes we forget that we are not machines equipped with the latest and greatest technology, upgrades, with %1oo percent money-back guarantees. No matter our walk of life, education, career, or role, we have or have the potential to lose our “self” amid this busy world.

If one avails themselves of an opportunity to “name” their shadow, then befriend that shadow, one can begin to see a glimmer of light, of hope, shining in its place instead. Write down the name of that shadow, befriend it, even walk side by side with it.
That shadow no longer has the same pull it had, now that it is revealed in the light of day.

Feel free to identify your shadow, here, only if you wish.

Things to Ponder: You Are Not Alone

In this moment…

Light may seem evasive -without warmth. As if
stumbling without direction,
as if tripping upstairs without
a hand rail, as if the very ground is rising only to cause missteps.

Many notice our faltering yet not one seems eager to extend their hand.

Light seems invasive;  intrusive. As if only to serve
as a reminder of a new day,
another sleepless night. The sound of birds serve
only as a reminder that another day may have past us by. “Am I moving
forward or backward?”

Fear not, the light.
Move toward it…
trust that you
only need reach out
with open hands…