“Your other half is the one you lost at the beginning of time. The other half not only completes your actual body, but your soul too”

“Break-Apart”, or as a very hip Sun Microsystems employee explained to me while in line for the porta-potty at the Memorial Concert for Bill Graham – Polo Fields San Francisco Ca: “Half-Side”. Your second half, your “half-side” is a person with whom you share your life. They are the person that has known you in the best times, stood by you and walked with you in the worst times, and no matter what you have said or done, failed to say or most stupidly said, they love you in spite of your seemingly crusty self.

I am fortunate to have such people in my life. My sister, my brother, my husband, and especially those who know my “down and dirties”.

Wishing you all “Only Peace” throughout your week!

P.S. Try extra hard not to fret so much… remember take three cleansing breaths

then “set it” aside for a bit.