“Momently” – The Wind of Change

It started with a reflection on youth, one journey in particular. I am confident that from the start, the choice to do or not, be or not, was apparent: Ours to do, then later, ours to be.

We all made a choice, at some time: to join, go, do, be. Then entities, either by decision or beyond the control of others assuming power, take the lead, “youth” and “naivety follow down a path completely unfamiliar, yet all too well known:

“I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
And get on my tracks
Take a back seat, hitchhike
(Until “I’m” ready)” – Freddie Mercury

Life moves forward:
slow, fast, spinning, stopping, stalling, stagnating, refreshing, rejuvenating.

Does “it,” all happen according to plan?
As one would wish? Or,
When would one wish it?
Would “it” lead or follow in a fashion one would recognize and appreciate?

Generally, no.

Imagine if hindsight were foresight…

The thing is, the more we look back, the faster time going forward spins away. Hashing and rehashing stories of the past cannot and will not ever change our present.

Did or does one ever relax; get hip, in time to be cool? Did youth become lost in a single moment of time, and then left tragically, forever more, “talking” to a tree along the side of the road. Now, alone and without that force of friends who once commanded every aspect of life are nowhere to be found when the may lay is over.

Fact is – we have only now, this moment. Days of youth are fleeting, and the wind of change leaves just a small window of opportunity for action. Will we, in the moment, choose what is right, or will we preserve ourselves?  Will we waste our life choices in “this” very moment based on those words, actions, or influences of those others who will sooner leave us behind time and time again? If given that same moment, would we choose to help another or keep that moment to ourselves?

We imagine time will forget and forgive: if only.
Should we lead our lives as if predestination is our controlling force, and since we no longer hold to the beliefs of those who once controlled us and therefore make no further investment in life, assume no responsibility? Should we simply float through this life and then dog paddle through every ill tide in our way?

There is no real answer: is there. Or, is there? Imagine, in “this” very moment, our life’s “destination” is as changeable as a new wind on the sea.

Just as a captain looks out onto the ocean in search of the next opportunity to change tack and travel to a new port, so it is, our destination. In one moment, our view may seem as deep and as wide as the ocean, having no clear course for the shore.

In that moment, we welcome the opportunity to gather our thoughts, gather our courage, and to recognize and rid ourselves of unchangeable, unworthy baggage proving only to weigh us down, personal baggage included. Don’t forget about that “one” sock that bounces from drawer to drawer, when that one “thing” becomes the thing we can’t seem to move beyond, pitch it. The wind of change will not bring about change in direction if not entirely prepared. Otherwise, it could be a long time at sea.

In the next moment, the “new” wind we have awaited arrives, allowing us to change our tack, our direction: we bring about our vessel pointing toward a new destination. And even though the winds of change may not deliver us to the port created in our mind’s eye, “the best thing for us,” it’s okay. We can point or head out for the “next best thing.
We choose, we learn, and then we arrive at peace when we decide what “the next best thing” is, in the moment.

Live “momently.”

Much love,

~*Only Peace*~

Katy Perry – This Moment